Architectural Projects

Your lighting project, from conception to completion

Astera is proud in its ability to take your original and unique idea and transform that into a world-leading and eye-catching visual experience. We have a team of experienced engineers and lighting specialists that can take your vision from conception to completion. From the creative stages where we recommend the most suitable system and aesthetic to best complement your vision, to a full post-installation service, we serve your expectations through every stage of the project, and our industry-leading project management team will be available to assist you every step of the way.

Offering comprehensive system integration

The benefit of Astera’s architectural lighting is its adaptability and its proven and expressive uses for LED lighting fixtures. Astera is able to adapt any and all of its architectural technologies to fit with or into any conceivable project or design. With a vast and experienced research and development team, Astera has the knowledge and experience to manufacture architectural lighting for any project. We specialize in retail and commercial decorative lighting, but we are always seeking new and inventive lighting projects.

Many of our solutions, especially our chandeliers, are one-of-a-kind and very sought after eye-catchers with our clients. All of our range is fully customizable and we look forward to providing you with our advanced LED solutions.