Rent Astera AX5 Triple PAR 3 in 1 The Perfect Par Light

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The all new Astera LED AX5 Triple Par Light Fixture

3-lamps-in-one - The Perfect PAR
The name already tells a lot about the product itself but the concept to a whole new level, with new patented technology and features never seen before in the Event Industry. 

A Wireless PAR: 

A powerful Wired PAR, with the latest ultra-bright RGBAW chips on board and a new concept of colour-mixing lens from Gaggione lenses, the AX5`s light output astonishes everyone in the lighting industry. But the main point of that feature is that it now allows a permanent installation which opens a whole lot more application possibilities.

A Standalone uplight: this feature
 makes the AX5 so unique. The foldable bracket just slides out which transforms the AX5 into a totally different lights, with special swap-in covers, changing the whole light`s design and enabling a new pack of applications.


CRI: 92

Total LED power: 45W

Luminous Flux: 1080Lm

Emittance (@2m): 4800Lx

Strobe:  0-25Hz

Beam Angle: 13 ˚

Pixels: 1


Battery: Samsung Lithium-ion

Battery Lifetime: 70% after 300 cycles

Battery Runtime: Up to 20 hours

LED Lifetime: 50000 Hours

Charging time (nominal): 5 Hours

Input Voltage: 90-260V 50-60Hz


Wireless Modules: 865-870MHz | 902-928MHz | 2.4GHz

Range: 300m | 330 Yards

DMX: Supports CRMX and W-DMX

Wired DMX


Housing: Aluminium

IP Rating: IP65

Relative humidity: 0-100%

Operating Temperature: 0-40 ˚C | 32-104 ˚F

Weight: 3.40kg |7.5Lbs

Dimensions: 145 x 190 x 221 (mm)

Environment: Indoor | Outdoor